Me, Myself, and I

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Hey there! Let me begin by introducing myself. I’m Rachael \rā-ˈshel\, born and raised in the Philippines. I am an adventurous soul who loves to travel on her own. I vowed to never quit trying new things, never miss seeing beautiful places, and never fail meeting diverse people. I want to keep exploring, learning, and risking. Why? Life is just too short to say no to the beautiful (and sometimes, scary) things.
Sooo, I finally started my own travel blog!!! Yay! *happy dance* If you’re wondering why I named it The Innocent Lamb Travels, here’s a little trivia: my name is of Hebrew origin, and it means “innocent lamb.” But the reason behind the choice doesn’t end there.. Back in college, the first thing that our Philosophy professor discussed was the etymology of his name. He told us that we need to know the meaning of our names since it somehow signifies our destiny (I hope I remembered it right haha). As someone who believes in finding and fulfilling one’s purpose – God’s purpose, I think that every little thing in life aside from our names signifies something. We might not know it yet, but one day, we will.
Enough with Philosophical thoughts. Now, let me tell you why I put up this blog. Well, I’ve always loved to write. I usually keep my writings to myself, but now, I’ve decided to share my travel stories and experiences with you! Yes, you! I hope to inspire you to fulfill your travel dreams. I am slowly fulfilling mine, and as I do this, feel free to follow me in my journey. Let’s gooo!