To my dearest friends from all over the world

Thank you. Gracias. Tak. Cảm ơn. Təşəkkür edirəm. Grazie. Obrigada. Terima kasih. Děkuji. Dziękuję. Salamat.

How are you? There’s never a day I don’t think about you. Sometimes I wish we live closer to each other- in the same continent, or better yet, in the same country. I miss us trying to learn a word or two in each other’s languages, us singing and dancing, us laughing at the silliest things, us doing crazy stuff without a care in the world, us engaging in talks that can go from weird to interesting, from funny to deep… There are so many things that I miss, and every day, I can only reminisce.

You told me things about your country that my Geography teacher didn’t. And for that, thank you. Not only did you widen my knowledge, but you made me realize There’s so many different worlds, so many different suns; and we have just one world, but we live in different ones..”

P.S. We think we already know a country after studying it in Geography class, reading about it in a magazine, checking it out on Google, etc. However, when you meet people from a country different from yours, you get to know the world better. You learn about a country from the perspective of a local. You ask questions. They help you understand. 

Thank you for sharing your culture and letting me share mine; for listening to my stories about our people, our history, our food, and of course, the things that make it “more fun in the Philippines.” Because of that, you made me appreciate the beauty of my homeland more. I have never been so proud of our diversity as much as I am now. I have never been so amazed of our 7,107 islands as much as I am now. I have never loved the Philippines as much as I love it now.

Thank you for reminding me that despite our differences, we have a common point. We listen to the same music. We watch the same movies. We read the same books. We find joy in the simplest things. We think the same way. Whatever it might be, it connects us.

Thank you for treating me like a sister, for taking care of me, for cooking for me, for making me feel at home, for laughing with me, for crying with me. Even though you don’t know much of my past, I feel you know my soul. You understand me in a different way. And despite being the ordinary person that I am, you made me feel so appreciated. Above all, thank you for making me feel loved.

The uncertainty of our paths crossing again saddens me, but despite that, remember that you’re a part of me and that will never change.





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